About Me


      My name is Geetika Batra and I am from a small town in India, called Jodhpur in Rajasthan. I am an undergrad computer science student at the Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

     I did my high school from Delhi Public School, Jodhpur and also studied at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA in my initial years of undergraduate studies.

    My parents are well known doctors and have their own clinic in Jodhpur called Batra Nursing Home. My father, Dr. Sanjiv Batra, is an Anesthesiologist and my mother, Dr. Vandana Batra is a Gynecologist. They are the most compassionate human beings and the wind beneath my wings. My paternal grandfather, Mr. Man Mohan Batra was  a very successful and meticulous civil engineer and my maternal grandfather, Dr. C.K. Narang is a world-renowned research scientist and author of many books on organic chemistry. Both my grandmothers, Mrs. Santosh Batra and Mrs. Mohini Narang are my spirit guide and have always taught me kindness and gratitude.

    My lovely aunt and uncle, Mrs. Ritu Batra and Mr. Rajiv Batra, co-founder of Palo Alto Networks and bearers of the Batra Chair in the Computer Science department at UW-Madison, are my mentors and my solid support system.  Another beautiful pair of uncle and aunt are, Mr. Neeraj Narang and Mrs. Ekta Arora Narang, who are also very successful software engineers in Bangalore and have always encouraged and inspired me to do my best. And finally my constants- Josh Batra, Ishika and Niharika Narang who never let me underestimate myself, protect me and give me strength to work harder. Shubham Gaur, co-founder of Piqqspace but first and foremost, my confidante and best friend, who's always got my back, makes me split my sides laughing and makes me realize the value of a true friendship.

    With so many wonderful and intelligent people around me, I never feel like the only child and feel truly blessed to have such a beautiful family which always supports me in all my endeavors.

     I am very focussed and conscious of my academic studies. I have an insatiable desire to read. I keep myself updated in the technological changes happening in this world as the engineering field has always amused me, specially software.

    Since childhood, I have been keenly interested in painting and dancing. I love to paint in my leisure time in various mediums, oil and watercolor being my favorites. All thanks to my art guru, Mrs. Vandana Singh who took the time to teach me patiently.  I have learnt Bharatnatyam and Kathak and Bhangra (Indian dance forms) during my high school and was also part of a dance group called Wisconsin Surma at UW-Madison. I am also an active volunteer at Anubandh old age home in Jodhpur.

I have compiled all my interests and projects here on this page and I hope you enjoy reading and discovering my work.