Cartly App

This project was made for iOS users in Swift (using Xcode). This project was a joint endeavor with Garrett Andrews and Tyler Officer (alumni-UW Madison) under professor Suman Banerjee. It was designed specifically for Madison as it tracked locations of food trucks/carts in Madison.



This app helps people locate their favorite food cart in Madison and helps pinpoint the areas closer to their location. Food carts are not generally in a fixed location so people in Madison would be able to get that information quickly. People can request a truck to come to their area and also upvote or downvote the trending areas of the food carts. A density map helps in finding the places where most of the food carts are available. 

The frontend side consists of interfacing with Apple Maps API for layover map and user location and the cloud side consists of using OpenCV to identify food cart locations with a wireless camera.